How old is too old to go trick or treating?

For years, trick or treating has been the most popular Halloween event for children all over the nation. It has been the annual event that brings communities closer together, and sometimes, the only time people actually see their neighbors for once!

Halloween has been a time for people to have fun, dress in costumes, and maybe even try out their favorite spooky makeup. However, the underlying question of this event is usually, “Am I too old to go trick or treating?”

This question has varied from people to people for many years, and it can be looked at from both perspectives. Most teenagers nowadays claim they are ‘too old’ for trick or treating, and have halloween parties instead. Some teenagers are all for Halloween and contribute to trick or treating with friends.

“I think it’s something for all ages and dress up, and everyone’s been doing it since a little kid. It was always my favorite holiday to look forward to and everyone’s personalities would shine through their costumes,” senior Maggie Harter said.

On the other hand, some people think they are ‘too old’ to actually participate in trick-or-treating, and throw a party with friends instead. Among high schools, halloween parties have been common within friend groups.

“Some people do not want to go when they are too old, it’s about preference,” junior Alex Carey said.

Look at the way you want, but there comes to a point where you have to draw the line. When people complain or penalize themselves for having fun and enjoying the same things young children enjoy is when it goes over the line.

Halloween and the events that go along with it has been popular and although some people have different opinions on trick or treating, halloween is a time where people can dress up in costumes and get closer with the community by offering treats and trinkets.