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Hello! My name is Alexa Jordan, and I am your Student Government Class Representative. I have been in Student Government since 6th grade, and at Metea I am now President of Principal Advisory Board, President of Rho Kappa, President and founder of Students Count, Co-head of the Idea Project, and I have been honored to be your Class Rep for four years. Over my years here I have been involved in Cross Country, Basketball, and Soccer. Youth and Government (Attorney) and MV Music have been integral parts of my experience as well. I am dedicated to advocating for student voice, and started this Meet your Representative Student Voice campaign this year to increase the explicit dialogue between Executive reps and our constituents. With this link, please complain, highlight problems you see at Metea, give any helpful suggestions- really anything that can be funded by StuGo or be brought to the attention of the Principal/District. We want this year to be one of change*.

*Radical ideas are gladly accepted and encouraged

Members of the Class of 2018 can ask me questions and share their concerns here.






Hello! I’m Jo Balmuri, and I’m the Student Government Representative of the Class of 2019! I’ve been part of MV StuGo since freshman year and I’ve been your class rep for the


 past two years. I’m also the Co-Chair of DMMV (Do More Metea Valley), the service branch of MV StuGo, as well as the Co-Head of the Idea Project. 


As a passionate proponent of student engagement, I highly encourage you to go to the link below and air any concerns you may have about Metea or make any suggestions you’d like to see implemented. Feel free to include any additional comments as well. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Members of the Class of 2019 can ask me questions and share their comments here.








Hi! My name is Myra Bajwa and I’m your Student Government Class Representative for the Class of 2020! I have been your Class Representative for two years and  I hope to continue to represent our class and voice your opinions. I’m also on the Metea Media Staff, a member of Youth and Government, Co-Head of the Idea Project, and have been involved in local and state politics. Please use the link below to share your opinion, propose changes to the school, or just use this opportunity to meet with me and learn more about what Student Government can do for you. I’m excited to learn more about your needs!

Members of the Class of 2020 can ask me questions and share their comments here.









Hi! I am Brooke Pegues and it has been an honor to be your class representative this year! Although I’m still getting adjusted to the school, I think there is still room for improvement! I would love to hear all the ideas from the class of 2021! Please fill out the form below so we can keep improving Metea and make it a greater place for you and for everyone!

Members of the Class of 2021 can ask me questions and share their comments here.