Boys’ Basketball takes loss against Naperville North

The boys’ basketball unit held its second home basketball game against DVC rival Naperville North on Wednesday night. The sophomore team lost to Naperville North by one point in an exciting match. Unfortunately, the varsity team lost to the Huskies, losing 44-56.

Although the boys lost to Naperville North, the team kept up a good fight the entire night and worked hard to keep the score close within the first half. The boys held up a strong defense and offense, showing great teamwork while competing with the Huskies on the court.

After the first half of the game, the boys were down to the Huskies by only nine points, losing 20-29. The team tried to keep up the pace with Naperville North in the second half. As the third quarter was intense and came to a close, the boys started the fourth quarter of the game, losing 47-32.

While the team stayed strong and continued to keep up a good fight throughout the fourth quarter, it had its peers, teachers, and families come out to support them. As the game started to come to a close, the team finished the game with its first loss of the conference season.

The team’s home crowd was still able to keep the gym with its positive energy and its loud chants and cheers to fill the main gym on Wednesday night. The varsity team’s current record is 3-3. They are continuing to work hard and improve throughout the season. The boys are playing at Naperville Central on Friday night for their third conference game of the season.