National Art Honors Society creates mural for Loaves and Fishes

The National Art Honors Society is painting a mural for local community service organization Loaves and Fishes. “One of our members volunteers at Loaves and Fishes, and in working there she was approached by one of the community leaders and asked if we could do a mural for them,” art teacher and NAHS sponsor Karen Popovich said. “Murals are challenging in terms of getting the students to the location, supervising, and it’s such a long-term project.” As a result, the mural is being painted on two large canvases in the art room that will be hung at the Loaves and Fishes site when completed.

The mural centers around Loaves and Fishes’ five core values of compassion, community, dignity, hope, and service. It is inspired by the paintings of artist Romero Britto, which are notable for their bright colors and patterns.

“We are making it so that when people come and visit they can see that they are welcomed with the variety of colors that we are adding,” senior member of NAHS Ariadna Mondragon said.  

Painting the mural on canvas allows students to work on the mural whenever they are able.

“I have access [period 6] so I usually go help in the classroom,” Mondragon said. “In some occasions, if someone is working on the mural, people can actually join and help out as well with the painting.”

The mural is scheduled to be finished before spring break. Once done, it will be displayed at Loaves and Fishes.