Turnabout culture continues to be unique from anything else at Metea

With spirit week almost behind us, Metea students have been preparing for the annual Turnabout dance held this Saturday.

It’s no secret that Turnabout’s culture is drastically different than that of Homecoming and Prom. The attendance of Turnabout is significantly smaller than Homecoming, and seems to be more of an intimate setting.

“Turnabout is mainly a couple thing, it feels like you have to go with a date,” former Turnabout attendee junior Jeallan Tenebro said.

Maybe it’s the proximity of Valentine’s Day or just the lack of awareness around the dance, but many students stray away from going because they feel as though it is only a dance for couples, and that attending solo isn’t inviting or acceptable.

“I think they should advocate for Turnabout more because when there’s more people, there’s more fun,” Tenebro said.

Some members of the Metea dances committee sought to change the culture and attendance number this year. Talk of “rebranding” Turnabout came up, and turning it into a “Winter Formal” or “Snow-Ball.” Members believed that making the dance seem more formal and more of an entire school event would raise interest and attendance.

“One of the ideas that we did not go through with that came up was rebranding Turnabout. We talked about renaming it as the ‘winter formal dance’ or ‘snowball’; however, we decided to not do that as Turnabout’s culture is more of a lowkey dance,” junior and committee chairperson for the Student Government Dances Committee Cole Williams said.

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“Even though there is this stigma that you have to go with a couple, we want to change that so you can go with your friends or by yourself and you don’t have to have a date,” Williams said.

Talk of making the dance itself more formal seems interesting, but the freedom of a ‘lowkey’ and ‘no-stress’ dance is appealing to students in itself.

“Some of my friends who aren’t in a relationship are going just to dress up and have fun,” Tenebro said.

So let’s take advantage of Metea’s “lowkey” culture surrounding Turnabout! Even if you weren’t planning or preparing to attend the dance, why not throw on a nice outfit and grab a couple friends? Buy your ticket from the link below and spend your Saturday dancing like no one’s watching!