Ian Ridgway creates history at IHSA State

The boys’ bowling program made history this season by sending the district’s first male bowler to the IHSA State tournament on Jan. 27 and 28. Senior Ian Ridgway placed sixth at State and earned an all-state medal.

“[The best part of State] was the experience of being down there and being the first one from the district to be down there,” Ridgway said.

While at State, he bowled an overall average of 221.4 and improved his standings by eight spots on Saturday with an average of 226.3. Ridgway, who has been bowling since he was six and managed the girls’ team during his sophomore year, ended his high school career in an amazing fashion

“I was a little nervous but I knew that I really shouldn’t be there that nervous because I’m creating history and there’s not a lot of pressure once I’m down there and it’s just showing that I can get down there,”  Ridgway said.

Ridgway was an integral part of starting the boys’ program. He was a team manager for the girls’ team during his sophomore year and started recruiting other boys to join bowling. Since Metea does not have an official boys team, Ridgway practices with the girls and the school sponsored him for the State series.

“I think there are a lot more people that are aware because a lot of people up and down the hallway that congratulate me are people that normally wouldn’t talk to me,”