Student walkout activities engage community

A variety of activities will take place in the Commons for students to participate in to accompany the student walkout occurring on Wed, March. 14. 

The student walkout is a student-led demonstration being held in support of the victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High shooting that occurred on Valentine’s Day and to promote student voice in the community.

Students can sign a large banner with the words “We march because…” and write why they personally are taking part. There is also poster board and markers for students to make signs to carry during the walkout. “This is happening throughout the week, before school, during lunch, and after school,” senior and member of the student delegation planning the walkout Hannah Roen said.

Following the walkout, there will be letter writing sessions. Students can attend sessions to write letters to their representatives or any other representative and detail what change they would like to see. “You would write a letter to Bill Foster, one of our representatives, or anyone like Ted Cruz for example and write why you think we should do this about gun violence or do this about the NRA,” Roen said.  

Students appreciate the engagement it is creating. “It’s pretty cool because this really allows us to be interactive with our community and feel like we’re doing something,” junior Claudia Vega said. “It also allows us to express why we personally are walking out, whatever you believe in whether it be gun control or student voice, you can express it,” Vega added.

The activities will continue throughout the week, and T-Shirts will be sold during all lunch periods today in the Commons.