My Year of the Switch

On March 3, 2018, the Nintendo Switch became a year old. As time has passed, my virtual library grew, and my opinions on the games I own have changed. In celebration of the Nintendo Switch’s birthday, here is a review of each game I have owned thus far with the time I spent playing it.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: (190 hours)

Breath of the Wild, more like yawn of the indoors. I’m kidding. The Game of the Year is a deserved award for the latest addition to the Zelda series lineup. This game expands the elements of previous Zelda classics while bringing something new. Also, with this entry being the first Zelda game I played completely, it does make it hard to go back to previous games. BOTW allows for Link to jump and climb, which wasn’t in previous renditions. This is the best Switch game I own, and with the endless things to explore, my hours will keep on growing.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: (40 hours)

The newest addition to the Mario Kart series could be better. It has a lack-luster line up of characters that consist of Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Rosalina, Baby Peach, and Baby Daisy. How could R.O.B. or Petey Piranha be exempt from the roster? This addition takes away the fun of unlocking characters by racing, but it does include the DLC from the Wii U version from the start. I find myself pulling out my switch to battle with friends daily. Win or lose (but usually win) this game is a great way to spend time with friends and family.

Puyo Puyo Tetris: (45 hours)

With this addition to my Switch, my skills of sorting groceries into Aldi bags has strengthened. Along with that, whenever I have a spare minute, I am always trying to beat my stacking high score. The game meshing up Puyo Puyo and Tetris gameplay gave a variety of different gaming modes for both single and multiplayer. Also, I find this to be one of the best Switch games when it comes to challenging other people. The famous blue shell will not ruin your friendship here.

L.A. Noire: (10 hours)

This game is perfect (DOUBT). This investigative thriller takes the IOS point click adventures to another level. You’re able to walk around crime scenes, engage in car chases, and interrogate suspects. Yet, it is lackluster in how easy some of the missions can get. Also, buying the physical copy of the game still forces you to download a third of the memory of the game onto the console.

Sonic Mania: (1 hour)

This is the best game to come from the Sonic franchise since Sonic ‘06. The classic Sonic levels are adapted to the controls on the Switch to make it the only compelling side-scroller game I own. If you love Sonic, you’ll love this game.

Monopoly for Nintendo Switch: (15 hours)

This exciting addition to the Switch is a must have for any casual board-gamer. The motion controls are exciting when shaking the dice. Also, the living maps allow for a new way to explore the Monopoly world. Even if virtual, taking someone’s money and forcing them to declare bankruptcy is the best.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: (50 hours)

Yet again, this game is ported to a new console, but the execution on the Switch was perfect. The different paths you can take within this game allows for replayability without repetition. Though, if you already own The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, this game could be a waste due to the similar structures. Yet, Skyrim still stands on its own two feet, as it offers a lot more missions and ways to execute the game.

Super Mario Odyssey: (25 hours)

Here we go, Mario Odyssey. As I already made a lengthy review here, I’ll keep my points brief. The graphics are great, but the story isn’t anything you haven’t seen before. Yet the execution is enchanting. Both 3D and 2D Mario gameplay collides for each generation of fans to have something to enjoy. The multiplayer still isn’t the best. Yet, the new inclusion of Luigi’s Balloon World is tempting to make this game a 10/10.

Night in the Woods: (2 hours)

This is the first game I ever bought twice, once on Steam, and once on the Switch. The simple reason being that the controls on the computer were aggravating. I couldn’t play more than 30 minutes. But, with the Switch’s controls, I got further than ever in the game. The graphics are gorgeous, and the writing balances comedy with mystery. This experience also includes mini-games that can distract you from time to time if you’re a Guitar Hero fan.

Splatoon 2: (115 hours)

After I played the Wii U predecessor for a half hour, I knew I had to pre-order this game. I was not disappointed at all. The gameplay takes the shooter archetype and makes it child-friendly with splats of color and creative controls. I booted up this game the day it came out and hit 80 hours of gameplay before the school year started. Something that this game does right that Mario Odyssey didn’t is multiplayer. You can’t play with two people on one Switch, but being able to play against your friends on a road trip is better than being a hat that hits coins.

Stardew Valley: (50 hours)

As someone who adored Farmville as a child, Stardew Valley quickly caught my heart. I put hours and hours into building up my fields and being the sugar daddy to my wife, Penny. This game allows for the simulator genre of farming, mining, hunting, and dating to mesh into one, and it did this perfectly. Being able to choose a variety of farms to start off with allows for replayability with more challenges.

Pokemon Tournament DX: (2 hours)

Instead of playing the classic Pokemon fight game where you spam ‘A’ on a Gameboy in order to get through a fight, why not do the same thing on the Switch? This game will bring enjoyment if you have a favorite Pokemon on the character roster and if you like to fight endlessly. This game isn’t that much fun unless you’re playing with someone else, unlike Mario Kart where the computer players are challenging, if you pick the right settings, in this game, you’re always a button mash away from victory.

Overcooked! Special Edition: (4 hours)

This is one of the Switch games that I can play competitively against my parents, who usually are unable to handle today’s controls. It is a challenge to not disappoint customers in this fun twist to the Diner Dash formula. Also, this game is one of the only Switch inclusions that you cannot play on your own. You will need another player with you. I would advise not buying this game unless you have friends.

Little Inferno: (3 hours)

This game was super short, so I will make my review short, too. Unless you’re a sucker for an M. Night Shyamalan styled twist, you will not enjoy the ending of this time waster game.

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition: (25 hours)

It’s Minecraft, but for the Switch! I don’t enjoy booting up my laptop to play games, so I was encouraged to get the game on the Switch. After you get used to the controls, the game gets more engaging to play for long periods of time.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: (10 hours)

When I first booted up this game I was into it. I spent my free time playing through levels and unlocking characters from both the Mario universe and the Rabbids universe. Though, after a few hours of gameplay it becomes very repetitive. It is difficult to get far in the game as there is no change in the formula except new characters and new weapons. If you enjoy strategy games that are repetitive with small difficulty boosts, then you will enjoy this.

Uno: (1 hour)

Uno is the best free-time game on the Switch. It is fun for things like road trips for when you’re trying to pass the time. The computer players can be difficult which allows for actual engagement. I enjoy having a few games that you don’t have to sit and play for an hour to get engaged. A short 5-minute round of Uno is worth the buy.

Bingo for Nintendo Switch: (1 hour)

Bingo for the Nintendo Switch is my most recent purchase for my game system. I wanted one more game before I posted this article, and I was not disappointed. Being the first game where I have yet to win, I have more to learn to become a Bingo Master. Who knew that clicking numbers that were drawn randomly would be so random.

My first year of the Nintendo Switch brought back many childhood memories. Bringing back the nostalgic feel of exploring worlds never seen before, such as the land of Hyrule and Skyrim. It also brought back the moments where I would fight against my older brother in Mario Kart. I recommend buying the Switch for the games that are available and for the games coming in the future.