Softball rebuilds on last year’s success

The girls’ softball team opened its season just before spring break, riding off of their overall win at DVC Conference. Varsity is determined to play its best and find its groove for this year as the season progresses.

“We have a whole new team, so we aren’t focusing on improvements from last season, but we are focusing on finding our new identity and what characteristics will define us,” head coach Kristen Kalivas said.

One notable aspect of this year’s team is that it is a mix of new and returning freshmen, sophomores and juniors. The team has adapted well to the lack of seniors and retains its drive to play and improve. Returning players are put into a leadership position for the newer athletes on the team.

“Because we don’t have any seniors, the ‘natural leaders’ aren’t there so the returners are forced to step up and try to lead the younger players,” sophomore Rissa Bajusz said.

As the team looks to the new season, there is hope and potential for the young team. The new players will become returners and veteran players in the coming years, bringing in a new era for the team.

“I’m looking forward to building connections, bonding and improving as a team and winning a lot more games and just thriving,” junior Carissa Cavicchioni said.