Heartland Blood Center hosts drive for Metea students

Heartland Blood Center set up shop in the auxiliary gym so Metea students could donate blood earlier this week.

The process begins with a booklet potential blood donors should read before donating blood, which reviews recent travel or medications that could prevent you from getting your blood drawn. Then you are moved to a waiting station where you complete a questionnaire about your health habits and medical information. When you’re finished answering the questions, a nurse will call you up and prick your finger, testing for temperature, blood pressure, and iron content. If everything turns out well, you’re ready to donate.

“The actual donation process only takes about 10 minutes. And then it’s over. The whole blood donation is about one pint of blood, you have about nine to eleven in your body, that is then divided into red cells, plasma, and platelets,” Account Rep for Heartland Blood Centers, Patti Hill, said. The red cells, plasma, and platelets from one individual can be divided to help three different individuals, which is why it’s so important to donate.

Students were readily signing up and waiting in line to donate. “I decided to donate blood because I wanted to help people out and I wanted to save a life,” Senior Carly Cassleman said.

While everyone was there with the intention to help others, the snacks given out at the end were an added bonus. “After you donate, they make sure you have snacks. Nurses make sure you have water, juice, and two snacks either salty or sweet and you sit for 15 minutes,” Hill said.

Those who participated in the blood drive felt it was a beneficial event. “Donating blood is good for the community because it helps people in emergency events, and without us donating they might not have that,” Senior Diedra Santiago said.

 If you’re thinking about donating blood next time, you must have parental permission if you’re 16. However, 17 and 18-year-olds can donate without permission. For more information visit the Heartland Blood Center’s website.