Boys’ Volleyball “Goes Gold” in conference game

The boys’ volleyball team played at home against rival Waubonsie Valley last night. The boys fought hard and won two out of three sets against the Waubonsie Warriors. The varsity team is 4-1 in conference so far this season and have an over record of 15-10.

Last night’s game was very special to the volleyball unit because the boys played the game in honor of fighting pediatric cancer. The volleyball unit sold shirts in advance and then sold them at the door for ten dollars. Each volleyball member from each level sold about five to ten shirts in honor of the big game.

“It’s really nice coming and playing. I like looking at the crowd and seeing all the people wearing the shirts because we look at them and are like ‘wow we sold all those shirts, ad they’re wearing them’,” senior Andrew Kohut said.

Metea has teamed up with Waubonsie to sell these shirts for many of the sporting events that the two teams share. The volleyball unit is one of the many teams at Metea that have participated in bringing awareness for pediatric cancer. The money from the t-shirts went to Cal’s Angels, the organization that funds pediatric cancer research.

“We think it’s a great opportunity, especially against a sister school within the district, to be able to really bring the community together to fight a common cause like childhood cancer. I think we did a great job of getting a lot of people out and raising a ton of money,” senior Matthew Nealon said.

The volleyball unit has done similar events in the past to bring unification to both Waubonsie and Metea, including the Wounded Warrior Match and Operation Support Our Troops. The teams are hoping to continue to do these events annually in support of these organizations.

“One of the things we try to impart in our program is giving back and doing things for others, and this is one of the ways we try to do that. The guys took it seriously. They did a great job selling t-shirts and getting people on board, so we were pretty pleased with the turnout [last night],” head coach John Aister said.