PTSA hosts Coffee with the Principal event

The PTSA hosted its first Coffee with the Principal event in the LMC on Tuesday. Teachers, parents, and students were welcome to come to the event and discuss concerns and comments they might have had about the school and school policies. Coffee and treats were provided while parents talked about what matters most at the school.

During the event, parents got into groups and answered different questions on notecards about the school such as “What is Metea doing well?” and “What can Metea Valley potentially change?” It also gave parents a chance to ask Dr. Echols questions or concerns they might have had about their kids.

Throughout the course of the evening, Dr. Echols talked about his background, and the steps he went through became the principal of the school. Echols also answered any concerns that the parents had, including school security, AP/Honors classes, and academic support for students.

“The goal is to do this two more times, one each quarter. We want to make it truly open-ended like this was, and letting him [Dr. Echols] shine and do his thing,” PTSA president Jen Straub said.