Brett Kavanaugh poses a threat to the Supreme Court

From the moment President Donald Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh for the supreme court back in July, Kavanaugh has always been a controversial pick. Compared to his predecessor, Justice Anthony Kennedy, who was a proud conservative known for working across the aisle, Kavanaugh has presented himself as a yes man for Trump whose values do not even completely reflect conservatism. Kavanaugh’s nomination reflected the many troubles with the Trump administration.

From staunch support for increased presidential power, hatred for government regulation, and harsh opposition to many past supreme court decisions, Kavanaugh is like a mirror to Trump’s antics. Democrats are scrambling to block Kavanaugh’s confirmation. With every day the confirmation is delayed comes new information about Kavanaugh’s sketchy and even illegal past. Yet with all the information comes even more defenders from the right pushing for his confirmation. The question of Kavanaugh’s confirmation should not be a matter of party rivalry though. The fact of the matter is Kavanaugh is a threat to the sanctity of the Supreme Court and an embarrassment to Republicans and their values.

While it is important to examine his past, his stances matter too. So putting aside his past for a minute, Kavanaugh’s policies reflect a dangerous view on American politics. Kavanaugh is a huge supporter for Presidential power; he has voiced a desire for a law banning the president from being persecuted and investigated which is a clear violation of rule of law. He supports the active spying on Americans and the destruction of net neutrality laws keeping the internet free and healthy. While his views do reflect some Republican viewpoints, his support for a powerful executive branch should worry even the staunchest republican.

Kavanaugh supports a completely literal view of laws, but when it comes to the federal government he seems to be much more lenient. During his time as an associate counsel in the white house, a group of Republican staffers stole information from a group of Democrats and shared it with Kavanaugh. He denied the accusations but recently private e-mails between him and the staffers showed that, despite his denial, it was clear he had received stolen information. His spotty legal record doesn’t end there, Kavanaugh was accused by two women of sexual assault during his time at Yale University. As these allegations get more and more extreme the Republicans must begin to reconsider their support for Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh is not a good nominee for the Supreme Court. There’s no sugarcoating his troubled past and dangerous views. If Trump means to give America and the conservative base in it a proper justice to last a lifetime, then he has failed to provide a proper candidate.