LMC incorporates new ID check-in system

Since the beginning of the school year, the library has put in place a system where students have to check in and exit with the use of their ID. The system tracks who is in the LMC at what times and for what purposes and helps the librarians and students make the best use of the LMC.

This approach stemmed from the previous years when passes were used to get from the cafeteria to the LMC. Now, however, with the ID system, there is a more practical way of knowing who is in the commons and who is in the library. The library is also looking to utilize its space for students who are looking for a more productive area to study. The new system gives a better outlook on the number of students in the LMC at any given time and provides data that can be used for other spaces around the school.

“It helps us track how many kids are using the LMC during lunchtimes so we can see how the area is being accessed because we want to look at other open spaces around the school as options,” LMC Director Amy Madzinski said.
The new change is planned to be permanent for now because it holds more students accountable for where they are in the building than before the system was implemented. In the past, having your ID was not as serious, but now administration requires an ID.

“It was not developed as a pilot. However, we are always open to changes but, with the addition of more blended classes and those students needing to be accounted for somewhere in the building, some form of a tracing system has to be in place,” Madzinski said.

Some students, however, view always having your ID as more of a hassle. If students forget it at home they are not allowed to work in the library and must remain in the commons. “I really dislike the new system. Already we have many new restrictions showing up and we do not need another one,” senior Blake Traylor said.