Various music groups showcase talents at universities

Various music groups at Metea Valley have been going to different locations to perform. Varsity Singers went to Northern Illinois University to sing and Treble Singers went to Aurora University. Performing in a variety of places is shaping the singers in diverse ways.

Students can learn from the new experiences they gain from performing at different venues. From refining their skills to changing their voices, these visits can really improve them overall.

“I think it’s important to go to new places to sing because it allows choirs to share their story with others. When going to NIU, for example, we got to perform for a clinician. The clinician helped us with tone and musicality and overall I learned a lot from the experience,” Sophmore Robyn Haddad said. A clinician is a guest musician who helps with styles and techniques.

The singers also noted that when they went to these new locations they learned how to sing the music they had originally learned at Metea in contrasting styles. Practicing music in more than one environment can boost creativity.

“When you go to new places, you can learn what needs to be fixed, and any changes you might want to make to your performance. When Varsity went on their field trip to NIU, we learned that a piece can be performed in a variety of ways we never really thought of. From strong and powerful, to flowing and peaceful, to energetic and fast, we learned that the same song can be done in a whole new light and perspective,” Sophmore Dylan Catapat said.

Other important features of performing in a new environment are the personal gains and the team bonding that takes place. The unfamiliar atmosphere can help an individual’s self-esteem and poise while bringing them closer to other members in their group.

“It’s good to perform in different atmospheres and not perform in the same place over and over again. Being comfortable with performing in unfamiliar places helps with confidence and keeping your composure under pressure. As for team bonding, I think it definitely helps bring us together when we perform outside of school because we can just hang out and not have to worry about classes or school issues,” Catapat said.