ALS Challenge makes a splash on social media


Hi, I’m Alex Garcia and I was nominated to do the ALS ice bucket challenge. The ice water challenge is a dare to dump ice water on your head and post the video on social media in order to nominate more people for the challenge and pass it on. If not done in 24 hours you donate 100 dollars. Many people around the country have been taking the challenge in order to raise awareness for Lou Gehrig’s disease or known as ALS.

However, teenagers especially, have been using the challenge more as a popular trend. But, do they truly know the purpose or the importance of the cause? This challenge is being used as a trend that everyone is doing for fun or doing it without knowing the cause.

Kids, teens, and adults dumping cold water on their heads, say it’s for a good cause. But, do they know the actual cause? It’s not just something to do that everyone else is doing and not knowing why. People doing the challenge might not know what ALS stands for or what Lou Gehrig’s disease is. It’s a devastating disease that stops cells in the brain and spine from working, stopping motor movements and permanent damages to the nervous system. A disease that definitely needs help finding a cure.

A popular question; how does dumping ice water on your head helps fight ALS? Celebrities and people all over the country do it to raise awareness. Without people doing this challenge, support for finding a cure wouldn’t be rising in popularity. People who do the challenge need to realize the reason behind it and not use the challenge as a trend or just something to do because everyone else is. I nominate you to donate and take the challenge seriously and help strike out ALS.

By Alex Garcia