Gallery: Black History Month

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  • Maggie Brown stands with a smile on her face as the crowd applauds her.

  • Student speakers of the assembly stand in front of the 'Metea Valley' podium.

  • With a full auditorium, students sit respectfully in silence.

  • A few students as they simultaneously, yet perfectly, play their instruments and read the notes before them.

  • Speaker Maggie Brown stands in the spotlight as the full auditorium watches her.

  • The band and the conductor under the soft spotlights, performing a piece they've been preparing.

  • Senior Mandi Ranallo effortlessly hitting notes alongside her peers as a beginning to the assembly.

  • Part of Metea’s Choir singing the traditional African National Anthem as a start to the assembly.

  • Mr. Kaminsky conducting the band as the students are focused on the notes.

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