Profile: Sara Jordan

After many victorious competitions, Sara Jordan is the first sophomore at Metea Valley to make it to the state competition for speech.

Jordan became a member of the speech team last year when she was a freshman. She became a member of HDA, or humorous duet acting, which is where two teammates learn and work with an eight-minute comedic skit and perform it. This year, Jordan and her partner’s skit was “The History of Mankind.”

Every weekend, Jordan and her partner would compete at a competition with nearby schools. If they did well in their category, they would go into finals for that specific competition. Jordan and her partner scored very well at each competition, which caused their coaches to pick them as a representative for Metea for the regional competition.

At regionals, the top teams move on to the sectional competition. Then, the top three teams from sectionals move on to the state competition. At state, Jordan and her partner placed fourteenth in their category, which is a great achievement, considering it was her first time at that high level and competitive competition.  

Despite her successes at competitions, Jordan enjoys speech for many reasons. “My favorite part of speech is the chance to get up and perform in front of people and work on my acting skills, but also the relationships and all the people I get to meet during speech make it so much better,” Jordan said.