Gallery: March Mustang Improv Show

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Gallery: March Mustang Improv Show

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The Second Mustang Improv Show took place Friday. Since August, the improvisers have worked their skills towards perfecting improvisation in World’s Worst, Fairy Tale with a Twist, Pillars, Oscar Winning Scene, Back in My Day, Typewriter, and Scene Tag.  Throughout the week leading up to the show, the students perfected said games and were ready for anything the audience had up their sleeves.

The show had the teams The Evan Deadly Sins against The Bootleg Office. Both teams competed in games in order to get the most points possible. Not only were suggestions from the audience affecting scenes, but so did an audience member’s phone call, which became essential to a narrative. As both teams consistently stayed neck and neck from their outstanding skills incorporated in the show, a tied show resulted in a fierce match of rock, paper, scissors. After two ties, a final blow of paper beats rock meant The Evan Deadly Sins reigned supreme.

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  • The Evan Deadly Sins and The Bootleg Office along with Claire Baffes, Matthew Puffer, Thomas Reidy, Aliya Bennett, Rebecca Walker, and Alyssa Livorsi.

  • Claire Baffes relieved she perfected the lighting before the show.

  • The Evan Deadly Sins come out on stage with Casey Pittman and Elizabeth Livorsi carrying a sleepy Jake Zeitner.

  • Dhrtvan Sherman and Dominic Gonzalez acting in a scene where President Sherman is being told he's the worst before the world ends.

  • Korbin Rampp and Elizabeth Livorsi dramatically flipping shoes over to see if they land flat or on the side.

  • Dhrtvan Sherman trying his best to have Lydia Lindsey order off a menu while having a heavy accent.

  • Jake Zeitner demonstrating his role as sloth by sleeping throughout intermission.

  • Casey Pittman jumping on Truman Mitchell in order to advance a scene.

  • Truman Mitchell losing control on a scooter while Casey Pittman holds on for dear life.

  • Thomas Reidy explaining the rules of Oscar Winning Scene under a dramatic spotlight.

  • Casey Pittman delivering her own Oscar winning scene about wanting her soup which was hidden within a tree.

  • Maaheen Maajed giving an Oscar winning scene as a fortnite streamer.

  • Casey Pittman, Elizabeth Livorsi, and Jake Zeitner unable to hold in laughter during the performance.

  • After both the Evan Deadly Sins and The Bootleg Office tie scores, Maaheen Maajed and Evan Lemberger tie their first game of rock paper scissors.

  • The second game of rock paper scissors is tied between the Evan Deadly Sins and The Bootleg Office.

  • Evan Lemberger wins the game of rock paper scissors, making the Evan Deadly Sins the Mustang Improv show victors.

  • The Bootleg Office realizes defeat in the game of rock paper scissors.

  • The Evan Deadly Sins and Matthew Puffer celebrate while Sweet Victory plays.

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More shows are coming up this year for anyone to attend.

Staff vs. Student Improv Scene at Metea’s Variety Show, Friday, April 5, 7:00 pm in the Auditorium.

Mustang Improv Goes Stand Up, Metea Showcase, April 7, 7:00 pm at the Two Brothers Roundhouse.

Mustang Improv Show, May 10, 7:00 pm in the Black Box Theater (A129)

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