Boys’ bathrooms closed to curb misuse

Boys’ bathrooms across the school have been alternatingly closed over the past few weeks in response to various issues and altercations.

“We’ve had an increase in some vandalism, physical aggression among some of our male students, and also some vaping,” Spirit House Dean Matt Walpole said. “Part of the issue we’re seeing is there are groups of students spending time in the washroom not necessarily using the washroom for what it’s meant to be used. So, at different times having different bathrooms locked hopefully can be a deterrent.”

Students have found that it can be irritating to find an open bathroom. “I don’t enjoy it. It is very tedious to have to search for a teacher and ask, ‘Hey, where’s an open bathroom?’ I really don’t know what to do about it,” junior Aden Simmons said.

Metea staff makes sure that there are options available. “We try to make sure that there is at least one bathroom open on the first floor and at least one bathroom open on the second floor,” Walpole said. “By each house, there are some staff bathrooms or gender-neutral bathrooms that can also be utilized.”

Girls’ bathrooms have not been closed in a similar manner due to a lower number of issues like vandalism and vaping.

Bathrooms that are open for use have had their doors open since early January. “We’re constantly looking for ways to ensure that the bathrooms are being used in the way they should be used,” Walpole said.