Humans of Metea: Gia Hamalis


Photo courtesy of Gia Hamalis

How did you come to be a part of this?

Freshmen year, my dad got a job to teach at a university in Seoul, South Korea and we stayed there for a year. I went to an international school and it was all in English. Ever since that year, I have been going back to help out with the English summer camp that the church has there. I help teach English to the kids which is really fun.

Is this experience through a certain group?

The church puts on this camp. They have English teachers so part of the camp is English and other parts of the camp are church-related. Every day, you would have an hour of English class.

How do you teach the kids?

We spend the first day which kids know more English or what skill level they are. After that, we form classes and there are around four or five English teachers. Each person has a certain level of English and for that specific time slot of the day when we have the class, we work with the kids on something that is at their skill level.

What are some activities you do with the kids?

During the day, sometimes we go to a museum or have games outside. At night, we would do a game such as capture the flag, or a water balloon fight.

What was your favorite memory there?

I really liked all the people from my school. They were all super accepting even though I was new and did not know each other for a long time. I also really loved the summer camp because I got to spend time with these really amazing kids and get to do something that I have never done.

Do you plan to go back?

Hopefully! I do not know about this summer but as soon as I am able to, I would love to go back because I love it there.