Gallery: Improv Senior Night

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Gallery: Improv Senior Night

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Mustang Improv performed their last show of the school year on Friday. Teams Bed Heads went against The Geek Squad with seniors Paige Green and Dhrtvan Sherman as captains for this senior night event.

Throughout the night, the improvisers topped previous scenes. There wasn’t a single game that went by without laughter filling the Black Box Theater. The show also included the most audience participation yet, with audience members being bribed, jailed, or stared at with intense eye contact for a whole scene.

After intermission, all four seniors of Mustang Improv received roses after Oscar Winning Scene. In the end, The Geek Squad reigned supreme. The winner’s choice games of props was chosen, and Ms. Walker and Mr. Lundy joined Paige Green and Dhrtvan Sherman for one last hurrah.

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  • Truman Mitchell hugs Jake Zeitner tightly as Jake Zeitner doesn't have a seatbelt in the game Taxi.

  • Jake Zeitner jumps up and down for a whole scene as he is an On Scene Reporter at a place with trampolines for floors.

  • Maaheen Maajed is both a co-anchor on a news station while also being obsessed with interpretive dance.

  • John White and Evan Lemberger create sound effects in the audience to go along with a scene.

  • Morgan Dykstra and Evan Lemberger play Twister in order for their arms to get over the hatred they have for one another.

  • During Oscar Winning Scene, Tommy Klapp has a heart to heart with the audience on how his cat forces him to do football, and that he doesn't want to be a stereotypical jock.

  • Paige Green and Dhrtvan Sherman settle what team goes first with Rock, Paper, Scissors.

  • During a game of Pillars, Thomas Reidy and an audience member work together.

  • Casey Pittman gets help from an audience member during Pillars in order to progress the scene where she is upset with her daughter for giving her a telescope scented candle.

  • During 'What Are You Doing?', Casey Pittman is given the activity of licking the floor by Evan Lemberger, and she proves herself as a professional improviser moments later.

  • Evan Lemberger comforts Casey Pittman after she licked the floor.

  • Dhrtvan Sherman teaches Jake Zeitner how a two by two Rubix Cube works.

  • Ms. Walker joins Paige Green and Dhrtvan Sherman on stage for Props.

  • Paige Green and Mr. Lundy acting in a game of Props in which a bag is used for a hat.

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