Senior Sunrise Introduces Seniors to What Lies Ahead


Imagine walking toward the athletic doors to go into yet another regular day of school. Something is different. The front of the athletic doors is full of students shouting, “Seniors only!” and “Come take a picture!” That feeling of bittersweet satisfaction comes to every senior passing by when they hear the word “senior” and the special treatment that comes with it, but also all the last first moments of high school experiences. 

Metea hosted Senior Sunrise on the first Friday of the school year. The event provided sweet snacks such as Honey Buns and Hostess donuts, alongside Instagram post picture frames to take fun pictures with friends with hashtags such as #weout and #mustangnation. The event was hosted and planned by teachers Ann Cluxton and Elizabeth Molla, who hoped to give fun treats to the seniors during their last first Friday of high school. Assistant Principal Dan Debruyker also stood and accompanied the event amongst other students who took part in handing out the morning sweets and drinks. 

Molla and Cluxton gave some input on what they had in mind to contribute when planning the annual series of this event. “It’s just a chance to take pictures, hang out with their friends, make memories, and just start off the year with fun,” Molla said. 

Seniors got to start off their last first Mustang Friday in an early and uplifting environment where students helping made sure every senior had something sweet and a smile on their face.“It’s just to celebrate the beginning of the year and get excited. It’s also Mustang Mania day so we’ve tied to that first Friday,” Cluxton said. 

Debruycker also shared his input as an administrative level and as a former high school student. “What we have talked about as the administrative team and with this committee is trying to do small things consistently,” Debruycker said

Along with the more mainstream events our school hosts such as Homecoming week and Senior Brunch, the school staff wants to plan smaller and more casual activities to allow the seniors to become more involved with what the school wants to offer. 

“All of us staff members really enjoyed our senior year, really understand the importance of it and our growth process because its all we remember. I don’t remember a whole lot about my sophomore, junior year but I remember graduation, I remember going through those experiences” said DeBruycker

What staff and students hope to establish for the beginning of the senior year is to form connections with the students and the school itself. Events such as Senior Sunrise allow students to anticipate coming to do more at the school and to have pictures so their last year at Metea memories lasts.