Girls’ volleyball finishes first game of the season with a victory


Olivia Gaziano

The Mustangs line up for the nation anthem.

The girls’ varsity volleyball team played the Oswego East Wolves last night for their first game of the season. The first set started with a lead from the Wolves, however, the Mustangs pulled through in the end. The second set was thrown to Oswego East for the win, but Metea wouldn’t go down without a fight, finishing off the third game with a victory. The scores fell 26-24, 23-25, 25-21, granting the mighty Mustangs as victorious against the Wolves.  

Metea started strong in the first game, gaining the first point from a spike by junior Emily Day. However, Oswego East picked up the lead, bringing the score to 13-20

. After a timeout by Mustangs and a pep talk from head coach Dave MacDonald, the girls pulled in some more points, tying the score at 24-24. In the end, a serve by senior Cora Ondrus put the Mustangs on top with a final score of 26-24. 

 “Our girls showed that they can fight back,” MacDonald says about the intense first game. “We’re a little bit smaller, we’re not as big as some of the other area teams but we’re going to fight,” MacDonald said. And fight they did as they moved into the second game of the match.

The second set started out with an Oswego East lead. But that didn’t stop the Mustangs from bringing it to a tie of 16-16, causing the Wolves to call for a timeout. The game slowly progressed as the two teams continued to tie up the score. Once Oswego East got a two-point lead of 21-19, Metea calls for a timeout. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough as the Wolves bring their defensive blocking skills into play, taking the win of 25-23.

The third and final set of this game left the whole crowd on the edge of their seats. The Mustangs take the lead in the beginning, bringing the score to 8-6 before

Oswego East calls a time out. Metea kept their lead until the end when the score was tied and points moved consistently between the two teams. In the end, Metea Valley worked as a team and pulled out the win of 25-21.

“This year’s volleyball team works together very well,” sophomore libero Morgan Rank said. “We all have a really good friendship more than any other team ever has.” Throughout the game, all the girls were cheering one another on, bringing up the enthusiasm within the entire crowd. 

“They work hard together, they push each other, and they pull for each other,” Coach MacDonald said, adding onto the idea of teamwork with his own thoughts on this year’s varsity team. When watching this team play on Tuesday, no one can disagree that they all work well together and cheer each other on to pull out a win. 

The Mustang volleyball team has their next game today at 6:00 p.m. in the Metea Valley main gym.