New athletic director looks at an optimistic perspective

Athletic director Mr. Fehrmann contemplates on the current athletic season.

Bella Myers

Athletic director Mr. Fehrmann contemplates on the current athletic season.

The new school year brings recent changes to the athletic department. Earlier this year, Metea announced Assistant Athletic Director and football coach Matthew Fehrmann as the new athletic director. Although this is his first year, this is not Fehrmann’s first rodeo in working the grounds for athletics. 

“There are a lot of coaches, and there’s a lot of people here. And when this position was opportunity came about, the timing was just perfect for me to say, now’s the time, I can help. I can do more,” Fehrmann said. 

His big focus is to create an empowering environment for the school community. Specifically for student-athletes, the importance of showing integrity is more powerful than winning every game on the list. Metea is the newest school in District 204, and in the talk of athletics, it takes more time to get towards the top. 

“A lot of times we focus on like the wins and losses of a program, and I am seeing the proceeds in college athletics. And they [athletes] think “I’m just going to move [or]  I’m going to transfer”, that’s not how the real world works. I want them to value that understand that. There are more lessons to be learned,” Fehrmann said.

Being at the top of the DuPage Valley Conference is rewarding. But when there’s a stumble, students and athletes begin to lose confidence in their schools’ athletics. This is a natural point of view, but there is also a way to change that perception.

 “Some things that bother me is that when people come to Metea Valley [athletics], they look at it the wrong way. We’re providing service to you. And we want you to be the best version of you. And we’re going to help you become that person. You need to trust the system,” Fehrmann said. 

There is no trick to being the best athlete in the nation, just like there is no shortcut to building a dominating athletic department. The initial step is to change the way spectators, athletes, and coaches view the importance of the game. Then, start building with what they have.

“This is your home. Don’t abandon your home. Stay here and grind it out with everybody else, stick it out for us. Those people are going to be laying the brick for the foundation for our programs,” Fehrmann said. 

Now, how do students start laying the foundation for Metea Athletics? Well, the strongest catalyst will be supporting one another. No matter what sport it is, the school community should support the wins and losses. And on the athletes’ part, there must be a self-practice to matching what the brain and heart want to do.

 “Whether that’s the atmosphere as attending the games, things we do, maybe in the school day, or something else, we want them [athletes] to know that we have their back. We want this to be enjoyable for them [students and athletes],” Fehrmann said. 

Rome was not built in a day, and neither is an athletic department. But the important thing is that the student body will be prone to ask for support, turn things around, and take part in the athletic community. And through Fehrmann’s 19 years of teaching, he stands his ground. 

“I want the best for the student for the school and the community. I’m confident that down the road, this place is going to be fun,” Fehrmann said.