Fall Sports Alliance aims to build support among Metea Valley athletics


Olivia Gaziano

Varsity girls doing their team cheer right before the game.

A new initiative has started to bolster unity among the Metea fall sports teams, in which several fall teams will attend each other’s games. 

“The Fall Sports Alliance will bring together the different athletic teams to increase unity and support for each other, enhance leadership among students, and increase school spirit,”  boys’ soccer coach Mr. Robinson said.  “We recognized the need to continue to build our culture and build connections between our sports programs.” 

The alliance was the vision of Robinson, along with girls’ cross country coach Eric Anerino and girls’ volleyball coach Dave MacDonald.

“We sat down together and decided to create a group of leaders within those sports that are willing to work and support each other, and that’s what the sports alliance is,” Robinson said.

This initiative has already started early this school year, as several teams have attended games of their fall counterparts to encourage each other to perform better and better.

“I think it will improve [the atmosphere] because it will get other students, more than just Fall sports to join in and make a bigger community,” junior volleyball player Carli Brackey said.

Robinson hopes that the current alliance will expand in the future to include more fall sports teams, and then other teams during the winter and spring as well. He cited that athletes make up a large percentage of the student population and hopes that it will eventually lead to non-athletic areas also supporting each other.

“We’re trying to build the idea around here that we support each other, and we hope makes kids want to be here all the time,” Robinson said.