The Ongoing Outbreak of Vaping

If it was not already obvious, e-cigarettes have been everywhere. Schools, gas stations, stores, and basically anywhere filled with people. Although for the state of Michigan, flavored e-cigarettes are no longer allowed as of Sept. 4. San Francisco was also the first major city in the United States to ban sales of e-cigarettes as of June. The current national problem is what to do with vaping, prohibit or permit?

Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan believed the ban of e-cigarettes was needed to protect adolescents from the probable, negative effects. Why specifically flavored e-cigarettes? Well, Whitmer  protested these sweet flavors were to hook the youth into vaping and its harmful nicotine. Vaping advocates criticized Whitmer while health advocates welcomed the idea. Advocates claimed the effects are not known, but the state Department of Health and Human Services noted that the nicotine can affect the brain and showed how adolescents become more at risk to start smoking regular cigarettes.

E-cigarettes exhibit false advertisement claiming they are safer than regular cigarettes misleading society into thinking the unforseeable effects. 

Because of such circumstances, doctors recently discovered the “Popcorn Lung”, meaning the airways of the lungs become inflamed and scarred. It is very rare, but e-cigarette users such as teenagers may need to worry. At Metea, vaping has been a huge issue. High school students are unaware of the dangers of vaping. Enough boys and girls vape for the school’s administration to close down the bathroom doors in order to prevent it. Not only are teens uneducated about the risks, but they believe that they are invincible and unaffected. Yet, there are still teenagers who possess and use vaping products on a daily use. 

Prohibiting or permitting vaping is very situational altogether. Whether or not it is a teen, adult, or even an elder vaping, it’s still a toxic problem to society and it needs to be addressed. Personally, I can’t sway others decisions, but I believe that vaping doesn’t necessarily create a positive change for anyone in the long run. It will cause bigger problems to arise and society doesn’t  fully recognize it until they’ve experienced the negative effects that come eventually. Despite the decrease of tobacco use, vaping has been unfortunately popular at Metea and it has to be limited.