Music on Fridays aims to enhance school spirit


Jessica Velazquez

Music plays over the speakers on Fridays as a treat for students.

After a long week of school, students are excitedly looking forward to the weekend. Finally finishing up that essay or test looming over the week, Fridays are a big relief for many. 

Metea takes an initiative to make Fridays a little different by playing music during passing periods through the school speakers. The music ranges from genre to genre to include everyone’s different preferences. The big goal is to boost a student’s motivation, so they can go through the day with a positive mindset through the last day of the week. 

Juniors Abby Malartsik and Barbara Kaminski are in charge of selecting the music. 

“During passing periods it is sometimes boring but with music, it brings out school spirit,” Malartsik said. 

They meet in the I.T room before the bell rings every period and have a specific playlist to go off of. 

 “Especially with everything that has been happening this week, it is a way for the school to persevere through,” Kaminski said. 

It is a way to show how unified the school is. A student’s energy changes and it is clearly shown throughout the day. 

“I like the music they play, sometimes they play old or new music and people sing in the halls which makes it more enjoyable,” junior Jenna McIntyre said.  

The atmosphere of the school on a Friday has a completely different vibe than any other day in the week. 

“We can play someone’s favorite song and it makes their day. That’s our intention,” Kaminski said.