News of the decade


Alexandra Guckel

As 2019 comes to a close, many events reflect the past decade.

2010 (Jada Jones): 

The largest and most devastating oil spill in United States history occurred on April 20th. The BP’s Deep water Horizon Oil Spill killed 11 people, injured 17, and was located on the Gulf of Mexico.  The spill happened by total accident after a stream of natural gas busted through a cement well cap. The spill was so large oil was found covering the US gulf coast from Texas to Florida months later.

2011 (Jada Jones): 

The year of 2011 wasn’t too eventful but right at the end, something very important ended. On December 18, Barack Obama finally decided to end the United States’ eight-year-long war with Iraq. It was a devastating, long war starting because of the dreadful day of 9/11. Obama finally decided it was enough in 2009 and went through with his plan in 2011.

2012 (Jessica Velazquez): 

There is no doubt that 2012 was the year for the Obamas. Obama’s re-election shakes up the nation after becoming the first African American to become president back in 2008. The year was also filled with tragic events including the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School and the shooting at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. 

2013 (Jessica Velazquez): 

On April 15, there were two bombings near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. The attack killed three people and injured hundreds of others. The nation looked at this attack as an act of terrorism. An important leak of classified intelligence ever took place. This would expose surveillance by the U.S National Security Agency. Edward Snowden, a former contractor for the Nation Security Agency would be held responsible. The NSA had records of Americans internet and phone records which caused a great lack of trust in the government.

2014 (Ayden Reed): 

2014 was a hard year as it relates to gun violence. On August 9th, Michael Brown Jr. was shot in Ferguson, Missouri, by a white police officer. In a jury based trial, Officer Wilson was not indicted in the shooting of Brown. From that moment on, violence ensued in the city of Ferguson. There were massive protests and riots regarding the racial discrimination. To this day, this particular case is mentioned in relation to any form of police brutality. 

2015 (Ayden Reed): 

In 2015, more than 50 women came forwards reporting sexual assault charges towards celebrity Bill Cosby. He attempted to sue the women claiming the charges were not factual. In happier news, one hundred percent of people in the United States were granted the same sex marriage in a ruling by the supreme court. Moving it up from the previous 37 out of the 50 states.

2016 (Alexandra Guckel): 

2016 was a year filled with many news events and social media trends. The U.S. Presidential election took place, and Donald Trump was elected as president. This was a very controversial election that is still being discussed and put on trial today. In addition, many new trends were developed such as the mannequin challenge, Pokemon go, dabbing, and bottle flipping. This was also the year when scary clowns became popular, and they were scaring people all across the country. 

2017 (Alexandra Guckel): 

In 2017, immigration, especially from Mexico, became a large controversy. Donald Trump told many about his plans to build a wall between the United States and Mexico, however, he never followed through with it. Also, North Korea threatened that they would launch nuclear weapons, which made everyone afraid for their lives. On a different note, a popular trend this year was the fidget spinner. It became popular amongst many teenagers very quickly. 

2018 (Isabella Villalobos): 

With the ongoing talk of deportation with Donald Trump in office, the plan of repealing DACA became effective which still leaves many dreamers in fear of deportation. Many children were repealed that lawful status and left much controversy between the Latinx communities and others within the United States. Also, the Douglas High School shooting in Parkland Florida became one of the biggest school shootings in terms of death rates which left parents, family, and all Americans in shock of the event that took place on March 24. This lead the country to make calls for safer and more strict gun laws to firstly prevent adolescents from purchasing them and secondly prevent such a public mass shooting from occurring again. 

2019 (Isabella Villalobos): 

Previously in 2018 Pop/Hip-Hop culture had lost a few artists due to shootings and drug overdose, but the death of male artists still continued into the next year. As of 2019, the death of Nipsey Hussle and Juice Wrld surprised many of their fans and loved ones. Hussle was shot multiple times in the parking lot of his store, Marathon Clothing, on Sunday, March 31. Families, fans, and the community mourned and showed frustration to how the killing of black men has become normality within a community that wants peace and progression. As well as producing music, Hussle also contributed to his neighborhood and African American communities with financial help and support to help shape young black excellence. Juice Wrld was a more recent death that left his family and fans equally as shocked. The artist was landing in Chicago’s Midway Airport when he died from a sudden seizure. Both of these deaths have brought awareness to anti-violence in more communities, and the consequences that come with the misuse of drugs.