An update on water consumption after the New Year


Madison McCalley

Drinking water on a daily basis is a very healthy habit to have

In my last article about water, I made a New Years resolution to start drinking more water. I was going to start drinking one glass immediately and build up each week. I did successfully do so, but not to the amount I was planning.


What did help my case was that I got sick during the first week of winter break. I was advised to drink more water which I did, I drank probably around four to five glasses each day during that first week. After I overcame my flu, the amount of water I drank plummeted. Ever since then I have been drinking on average two to four glasses a day. It is not bad, but I can definitely improve on drinking water.


I have been feeling significantly better than when I was barely drinking any at all. I have been sleeping for five to seven hours a day and feeling like I have been sleeping for eight to ten hours if I was not  drinking water. I have also had more motivation to get stuff done. It is not really a struggle to get stuff done anymore. Overall though I have been feeling better just existing. When I was not drinking water an a daily basis I felt tired and depressed, both which have began to disappear


I do plan on drinking more water as the weeks go on, but there has been a drastic difference from when I was not drinking at all until now. My plans for the future are to drink about 1-2 glasses out of a hydro flask. I also want to experiment with different flavors of sparkling water.