Girls’ bowling fundraiser fuels an improving team and a conference victory


Tyler Perry

Senior Alissa Raboine is enjoying her last few matches as a senior by bowling for a cause.

DVC teams came together to raise money for cancer patients at the annual “Strikeout for Cancer” last night. The Mustangs continued to effortlessly roll through the conference match with a first-place finish.

The team was very happy to be there and were glad they could win the match. The game was very important to those who are affected by cancer.

“I think the most significant part was, of course, bowling strikes to make sure that we can donate as much money as possible. However, we were working as a team and we were making sure that we were supporting each other as much as possible because when we do that, we are the strongest team,” senior Alissa Raboine said.

Other members of the team were also happy to take part in the match.

“[We are] doing it for a cause. It is just really fun and it pumps us up,” sophomore Sydney Lewis said.

Despite their high hopes before their match, they still kept themselves in check to get the job done. Mental toughness is a vital component to success in any sport.

“We continue to practice and put in the time and effort. Part of this game is mental. It is building your mental toughness and how to wrap your mind around staying positive,” Varsity Head Coach Kristen Mansmith said. “So from that standpoint, I think that if [they] continue to practice [they] will continue to strengthen [their] mental toughness.”

Ever since their state-run in 2014, the girls took the time in rebuilding as a team.

“When I was here as a sophomore, I was average but the team overall was okay. Last year we were starting to develop so that is when most of the girls started getting experience. The amount of practice, the leagues, and the amount of dedication they put into this team are just great,” Rabione said.

The girls will continue to keep the undefeated title. Rabione additionally believes that for them to do that they need to be there for one another.

“As long as we’re being there for each other as long as possible, and making sure that we get our spares, we’ll do amazing,”Raibone said.

The Mustangs’ next match is against Willowbrook on Tuesday at Stardust Lanes.