Humans of Metea: Sean Burke


Jessica Velazquez

Senior Sean Burke going for the win against Naperville Central.

Senior Sean Burke has wrestled at Metea Valley for the past four years. This year, Sean proved that he has developed into a strong and skilled wrestler by placing first overall at the IHSA regionals meet. Sean’s passion for this sport has developed into a skill that he can utilize to leave an impact on the future of Metea wrestling. 

How long have you been wrestling? 

Before high school, I wrestled in seventh and eighth grade at Granger Middle School.

How did the season go this year?

I think the season went pretty well. I got injured about halfway through it so I didn’t know if I’d be able to wrestle at the end of the year or not but I came back in time for regionals and ended up winning that tournament and finishing strong with sectionals. 

How do you train for wrestling?

During the season, I practice every day here with the coaches and with my teammates. During the offseason, I train with my club team where I work out there three or four times a week. 

How is wrestling at Metea different from club wrestling?

At the club, there are probably about four or five kids that are ranked top 5 in the country so it’s just all fast-paced where we go hard wrestling everyone nonstop. At Metea it’s a little slower paced where we can learn more because we have a lot of younger wrestlers on the team so this way they can develop easier where at the club everyone’s pretty developed. 

How did the regional tournament go?

I won my first two matches which put me in the finals. I came in as the number one seed so my goal was to keep seed and win the tournament. I had a close finals match with the competitor from East Aurora who I already beat earlier in the year. He tied it up with about 10 seconds left but I got the reversal on him with three seconds left and won the match.