Black Friday attracts shopping madness after Thanksgiving


A few hours after the “all-American” thanksgiving feast, bank-accounts are drained, tents are propped, and shopping carts become racecars. It’s Black Friday.

Thanksgiving and Black Friday make for an odd couple.  First, we gather with friends and family around the table and discuss what we are grateful for: our health, our family, our good fortune.  But right after we are done giving thanks, we go shopping.

We crave the rush of hundreds of shoppers, amazing deals, and other materialistic needs, right after being ‘grateful’. It’s not like we aren’t thankful, it just seems as if no matter how much we have, we always need more.

“One of the most exciting things is getting to see all those people running and hurrying over those (sales) that are not even worth shopping for,” said sophomore Dylan Mac.

Based on last year’s statistics, the Xbox one and loads of TV’s were the most popular products of 2013. Over 12 billion dollars in store sales are racked in on Black Friday – including both online and in store orders.

With riots inside and out and fights over a new scarf – is this all really worth it? You’d completely forget the fact that we were giving thanks to all we have hours before. People find these outbreaks of rage almost comedic, which let’s the shoppers thrive in their savage for holiday gifts and more.

So, whilst you’re waiting in a line longer than those at Six Flags and filling your carts with products 50% off or more – remember all the things you’re grateful for, regardless of your new gifts.

By Megan Arnold