Standardized test cancellations create changes for students


Alexandra Guckel

Students continue to prepare for future testing, regardless of cancellations.

The Collegeboard has recently announced that the SAT and SAT subject tests up through June have been cancelled. The ACT has cancelled their tests through June as well. Public health officials have made it clear that it is not safe for many students to gather in one place, which makes it impossible to administer these tests. 

The Collegeboard, however, ensures that there will be more opportunities to take these tests in the future. This still scares many juniors because of upcoming college applications, where these tests are necessary. 

“I think a lot of juniors are unsure about how it will affect college applications since no one knows if we will get the chance to take the test before we have to submit our applications. Considering there are many juniors who haven’t taken a standardized test yet, they won’t have anything for colleges to look at,” junior Rachel Samojedny said. 

Due to this lack of testing, many universities have already stated that they will not be requiring standardized tests as part of college applications. The University of California’s nine schools have declared themselves as test optional, as well as the first Ivy League school, Cornell University. There are many more schools in the country as well that are following in this new application rule. 

“I think this could make it easier or harder if it is not included in admissions since some students were relying on their standardized tests to help their transcript, whereas some students believe their test scores aren’t their strongest representation,” Samojedny said.

The Collegeboard is also continuing to offer materials and guidance for the AP tests that have now been scheduled online. These tests have all been shortened in material tested and length, in order to make it easy for students to take the tests at home. Scores will still be given like normal from these tests, so that students can receive credit for college. 

Standardized tests will continue to be impacted by COVID 19, but this will not stop students from being able to attend college in the future.