Apollo performs ‘Keep Your Head Up’ virtually to spread positivity


Alexandra Guckel

Apollo members perform Keep Your Head Up virtually.

As COVID-19 reigns and students continue to search for some sense of normalcy, many clubs and organizations have been hard at work to ensure at least a few aspects of typical high school life are maintained. This is what Metea’s boys acapella group, Apollo, did last week with their virtual performance. 

“We thought as a group we should do a song virtually to try and keep our lives more ‘normal’ and also to try and help others feel that way too,” senior Truman Mitchell said. 

Together, Mitchell and fellow Apollo member Dylan Catapat set to arranging a piece that would do just that. All the members sent in their various parts at their house and then all the individual clips were pieced together to form what is closest to a genuine performance. With some talented students and editing software, the closest thing to “normal” was achieved. 

“Overall the process was way different because when we all practiced the part we were alone in our house opposed to all together, but once the final product came together I know that we all definitely felt way more connected,” Mitchell said. 

For any students interested in listening to Apollo’s quarantine rendition of “Keep Your Head Up,” check out the YouTube channel ‘Apollo Acapella’. 

These may be tough times, but sometimes all it takes is a little music to return the smiles to daily life. 

“What we were trying to do was try and bring a little light into other people’s days,” Mitchell said.