Humans of Metea: Kristian Aleksandrov


Ashley Xie

Senior Andrew Bradshaw has been involved with baseball since he was four years old.

Emily Veenstra

Kristian Aleksandrov is a senior who moved to District 204 from Bulgaria in 2016. Before he moved, he was a competitive swimmer, winning over 60 medals in the sport. Kristian now swims for the school’s swim and dive team. 


Why did you start swimming?

I started swimming back in 2010. I was bored sitting at home and just wanted to do something fun! I always loved the water so I decided to swim and I loved it. When I first started swimming I used it as an activity just to keep myself busy. My school didn’t have any clubs so I would go to school, go home and do homework, swimming kept me busy. 


How did you get involved competitively with swimming?

I think I got a lot more serious with it back in 2012. I went to my first competition, kind of as a joke to see if I was any good, but I actually ended up doing really good and won a medal. That’s when I decided to start competing. I decided to join a swim team. 


What was training like on your swim team?

The team was a year-round commitment. I trained for around five hours a day, about 30 hours a week, for 360 days a year. We sometimes even trained on Christmas. We always got New Year’s Day and our birthdays off. It paid off though. I was able to travel and compete with swimmers from all over Europe. I won around 20 medals from national competitions and 40 medals from smaller competitions. I almost made it to the national team in Bulgaria but my family moved right before I met the age requirement.


What happened to your swimming career when you moved to Illinois?

When my family first got to the states, I had to take a break. Not only was I in a different country with a different language, but swimming in America is a lot more expensive than in Bulgaria. I had to wait to come to high school to start swimming again. I swim a lot more casually than I did back in Bulgaria.


What are some of the other activities you are involved in besides swimming?

I’m involved in about seven clubs at the school, things like Day of Life, Fresh Connect,  Pep crew. I like being involved in the school. 


Is swimming something you see yourself doing in the future?

I’m not really sure yet. I’ve been swimming for so long that it feels repetitive. I still love swimming and I always will. But I like being able to be more involved with clubs now and pursuing my other passions. I definitely want it to continue to be a part of my life, just not the only thing I pursue in it.