Class of 2021 has a senior parade to kick off their senior year


Aiden Spenner

Seniors showing their support with Metea Booster towels

Rain or shine, the staff does not let COVID-19 stop the class of 2021’s senior year. Seniors were able to drive through the parking lot to celebrate their senior year last night. Even with the pouring rain, there was still a huge turnout.

Seniors were able to see teachers from every academic department and listen to music while driving through the parking lot. Throughout the event, the seniors seemed to be having a lot of fun.

“It’s going really amazing,” senior Emma Plummer said.

Not only did seniors get to see everyone, but they also reflected on how they are sad about the possibility of missing normal senior events. Although some might think they are simply Metea traditions, a lot of seniors were looking forward to events such as prom, senior road trip,  and graduation. With remote learning and the uncertainty of going back to in-person, seniors are upset that they might not get the full senior experience. 

“I’m looking forward to the other senior stuff, so hopefully other stuff still happens for us,” senior Trevor Willson said. 

While a senior parade might not be homecoming or a pep assembly, most seniors thought that this parade brought the sense of school spirit once again. 

“This definitely made up for missing some other things,” senior Elaina Meisinger said.

Staff was also there to cheer the seniors on. Even in the cold and rain, staff put on jackets and didn’t let the seniors down.  

“Tonight, well, it was awesome,” Fine Arts Department Chair Don Devany said. “It was great to see all of the seniors driving by, and we are glad we got to cheer them on.” 

While the teachers were there with signs and lights, the students drove by. For some students, this was the first time they have been back to school since March. Teachers were working towards supporting seniors the best they could. 

“We are trying our best to give seniors the best senior year,” principal Darrell Echols said. “We wish we could do more, believe me.”

Some staff members are hoping that this is not the only event that is planned for the seniors. There is hope that they will get other events similar to the senior parade in the future. 

“We saw what the seniors missed out on in the future, so we hope there can be more events in the future,” Athletic Booster president Steve Corio said. 

Seniors are hoping that last night wasn’t the last time they were on campus. 

“It was so fun just being around everyone,” senior Margaret Cotner said. “I would not be anywhere else.”