Mustang Comedy hosts their first show of the year


Autumn Zayas

Mustang comedy keeps spirits up with a virtual improve show. Speaker Jake Zeitner shares how happy he is to be able to preform despite not being in person.

Mustang Comedy hosted its first improv show last Friday. They managed to deliver a great and fun comedy show virtually. Performances a variety of skits and improv games for viewers. 

Since social gatherings are prohibited, the Mustang Comedy team organized a safe way to put on their “Slap and Fire Halloween Show.” Participants were dressed in costumes with props and makeup. Students were able to watch and were encouraged to comment and give suggestions throughout the show.  

“Since we can’t get your feedback live chat with us even if it’s something as little as LOL would be appreciated,” senior Jake Zeitner said. 

This Halloween-themed show began with a Q&A where the audience would ask questions for Dr. Know It All, Professor Big Brain, and Captain Genius to answer impromptu. 

Mustang Comedy performed six original acts followed by a comedic video. The MC seniors Jake Zeitner, Ursula Sturgeon, Dimple Parasher, and junior Matthew Puffer jumped in to tell students what the next scene would be and how students could participate in the games.

The show moved on to games like “Props,” where the audience tells the improv team to act out a scene based on a random household object. This was followed by a video skit called “Zoom Tube” performed by the sketch team. 

The event concluded with a music-filled dance party where participants were able to join in on the fun. Stay tuned for future Mustang Comedy events through the theatre department.