Biden’s performance in the final 2020 presidential debate solidifies his growing support from voters


Emily Shiff

The last presidential debate was held last Thursday. The topics included COVID-19, American families, race in the U.S., climate change, national security, and leadership.

Presidential debates are key parts in affecting the voting numbers, and the final 2020 presidential debate affects the overall election. This debate allowed voters to understand the candidates’ character and plans for the country. Voters will want to know if their future president has the characteristics and ethics to become a strong leader for their country. Looking at the debate and how well it went in comparison to the first 2020 presidential debate, Biden highlighted his ideas and character. He presented himself as a strong leader, even when President Trump made false accusations. Biden’s overall character and intentions are evident, making him a strong candidate to become the United States of America’s next president. 

The final presidential debate of 2020 took place last Thursday, at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. The debate included six topics: fighting COVID-19, American families, race in America, climate change, national security, and leadership.

The first topic of the debate was COVID-19, and this portion showed the American people the lies that President Trump is saying and the truth that Biden spoke. When asked to answer the question on the present situation of COVID-19, President Trump said, “It will go away…It’s going away.”

In reality, COVID-19 is not going to end anytime soon, and the medical and economic state of America is far from getting better. “America has recently gotten a surge of new cases, and the numbers are not decreasing,” according to NBC’s article “Coronavirus cases break records as states in every part of U.S. reel under the surge.” The American people wish to know facts about the situation regarding COVID-19. Biden provides a much clearer picture of his plans for dealing with COVID-19 in comparison to Trump. Biden said that he would “encourage [people] to wear mask[s] [and] move into the direction of rapid testing [and] set national standards as to how to open up.” In comparison to President Trump, Biden provides a realistic plan on how he would help the country recover. The characteristics of being prepared and ready to handle any situation are important traits for all presidents to have. Biden shows those characteristics which voters would wish for in their president.

Millions of people from all around the world immigrate to America every year. “Especially in the past two decades, immigration has rapidly been growing,” according to Pew Research Center’s article “Key findings of U.S. immigrants.” During the second section of the debate, President Trump was asked about the separation of parents and children that the Trump administration caused. President Trump replied, “Children are brought here by…lots of bad people…we now have a stronger border [than] we’ve ever had.” 

Tightening the border has indeed helped keep out undocumented immigrants, but right now, more than 500 young children are separated from their families. The priority should be to reunite those young children with their parents, but Trump has not been clear on his plans to reunite separated families. In addition to his unclear actions, President Trump talks about the separated families with no remorse or sympathy. Describing that the children have come with “coyotes” is a very emotionless way to talk about those children’s current situation. The children have been separated from their parents at the border and are not able to go home. It should be common sense that people would feel sympathy towards the children’s situation, but President Trump did not seem to feel anything towards the sad situation the children are in. 

However, Biden highlights the unfortunate situation the children are in and even share sympathy for those children. He points out to Trump that the children did not come over with “coyotes,” but with their parents. Biden connecting with the situation shows his righteous character, which assures voters that he is a good candidate for becoming the President of the United States. 

Leadership is a very important part of being a capable president. When the candidates were asked what they would say on their inauguration day, President Trump did not give the best answer. President Trump talked about his plans for the US but did not reinforce the idea of unity. Nonetheless, Joe Biden ended the speech with unity in mind. He emphasized the fact that even if he may come from the Democratic Party, he will be representing America as an American President. This idea of unity is Biden’s major highlight during the speech, and Biden’s emphasis on unity, which even Trump neglects, makes him the best candidate to become the President. 

Overall, Biden has demonstrated the characteristics and ideas that a good leader should have.  The president must be able to handle tough situations and be able to tell the public the truth. Biden has given a clear plan on how to bring America back, which can be seen on his website, and he has presented a rough outline during the debate.

In comparison to Trump who did not tell the republican’s party main idea during the debate, Biden was able to effectively represent his party and present his character. If I were able to vote, I would want to know both the character and the plans of the future president. Having a good plan is not enough to say that the candidate would be a good president. The character of the candidate is very important and Biden has the character needed to be a good president. Biden has shown his patience and calm attitude when dealing with tough situations, especially in the first debate when President Trump continuously argued with Biden. When Trump interrupted Biden during the first 2020 presidential debate, Biden reacted by calmly continuing with the debate and said what he had to say. So, I think his character and openness to the public will make him the next president. 

As of now, there are more than 60 million votes cast, and from the current results, Biden is leading. The Democratic Party has a major advantage since it is leading in the national poll count by 8%. “Biden is at 51% in the national polls and Trump is at 43%,” according to BBC’s article on ‘Who is ahead – Trump or Biden?’ Biden will likely win the presidency, but Trump could still win if he managed to get votes from key states. According to Fox8’s article “Trump’s support hits six months high in key battleground states,” If Trump can gain the votes from Florida and at least two other states like Pennsylvania and Michigan, he would be the president for another term. Both Trump and Biden can win, but Biden has a higher chance of winning due to his lead in the national polls. The votes of several key states will play a major role in who will become the next president. Therefore, every vote counts in an election. 

I believe that voting is an important responsibility of every citizen because who they vote for can change the future of the country for years to come. Voting gives a voice to every citizen and only if you vote, your voice is heard. Every voter has different requirements that they wish for their future president to have, but in the end, they wish to have a president who will protect the people and the country. 

In the 2020 elections, Biden has represented himself and his campaign well, both in the presidential debates and the democratic rallies. He has been open about his character and actions to the public, which makes the American people trust him. The trust that Biden has earned and is still earning will be one of the key reasons for him becoming the future president. During the Biden term, the United States will grow to become even better than it is now.