The Stampede teaser: Students get involved in the election and use their voice to share their opinions


Mishal Nizar

Illinois citizens deposit mail in ballots to vote for the 2020 presidential election.

Iman Hamid

Teens see it all the time. Charts of COVID-19 rates bombarding their timeline, raw footage of protestors marching through streets, and candidates demeaning each other on Twitter. Social media is a constant conversation about politics- and now, more young people are choosing to engage.
CIRCLE, a research organization dedicated to civic engagement, conducted a study on youth engagement in politics. They reported that,“79% of young people say the COVID-19 pandemic has helped them realize that politics impact their everyday lives.” In that same vein, more than “50% of young people have convinced other youth to vote.” This year has been a catalyst to teen involvement in politics. The topics that young people are tackling are more controversial than ever. Healthcare, unemployment, police brutality; all issues that inspire extreme partisanship among adults.

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