Hallissey family creates a Go-Fund-Me to purchase wigs for cancer patients 


Photo courtesy of Tom Hallissey

Ashley Hallissey and her mother, Pamela Hallissey at Illinois State University.

Megan Drake

After a long fight with breast cancer, Pamela Hallissey, Ashley Hallissey’s mother, passed away on Nov. 29. After her mother’s passing, Ashley and her family started a memorial fund through Go-Fund-Me for her mother to collect donations to purchase wigs for local cancer patients. All of the funds will go toward the purchase of wigs for cancer patients through local retailers that work with chemotherapy hair loss. 

“We’re doing multiple things with different organizations and cancer societies, but the GoFundMe page is the biggest and best way to donate,” Hallissey said. 

Wigs can cost anywhere from $40 to thousands of dollars. These expenses are not something that every cancer patient has in their budget, yet they are something a lot of women want to help them feel more comfortable in their own skin.

“We’re just trying to make a difference for them in a way that can really impact how they feel about themselves,” senior Ashley Hallissey said. 

Cancer takes a large toll physically and mentally on a person, and wigs can create a sense of normalcy and consistency during cancer treatment. Wigs can also foster privacy and prevent people from asking questions about their appearance if the patient is uncomfortable with it. 

Even with the large donations that are being made on the website, any amount will benefit women needing wigs. While some of the donations are larger, smaller donations are wanted as well. Donations from $1 to $100 are beneficial.

“Any donation counts, and we’re grateful for anything.” Hallissey said. 

For those who would like to donate to the Hallissey family’s GoFundMe, the link can be accessed here GoFundMe.