Students discuss returning to school

Olivia Gaziano 0:00

It was just announced that we are for sure heading back to school. On January, 26, but students have the options to either go to the hybrid option or also stay remote. We are here discussing with a few students who are staying remote and also going back. And also, returning to school. We’re going to open it up to the students who were opting in the hybrid option and we’re going to ask what do you guys like most looking forward to about going back to school.


Amy Hannapel 0:24

I’m Amy I’m a junior, and I feel like the thing I’m most looking forward to going back to school is just seeing other people I know, like, I don’t think half the school is going I think it’s like a little less than half but it’ll just be nice to see as other people in my grade because I’ve been we’ve all been so isolated, and it’ll just be nice to see people I like remember it Know.


Maggie Owen 0:48

Yeah. My name is Maggie I’m also a junior, I’m, definitely like Amy said I’m excited to see my friends and meet all my teachers because I haven’t met any of them yet in person. And I’m excited I feel like I’ll be able to learn better too because it’s really easy to get distracted at home.


Amy Hannapel 1:05

Yeah, that’s true. Honestly learning online was, like, pretty difficult in some ways, but also like easier because we got to work at our own pace. But, in school, it’s so much easier to ask questions and talk to your teachers and have some sort of connection.


Caleb Birch 1:20

What are your thoughts about the new safety measures being put in place like masks, plexiglass, and staying six feet apart?


Maggie Owen 1:29

I’m glad that we’re going to be wearing masks I think it’ll be a lot safer, and I think the desks will be far apart from you or something like that one of my teachers. Showed me, so I’m happy that that’s happening.


Amy Hannapel 1:42

Yeah, I know. Like, I think I’m ParentVU like our parents have to put like if we’ve had any COVID-19 symptoms, which is good. And then, you know, wearing masks is really important and staying six feet apart which I’m going to try to do.


Olivia Gaziano 1:58

Yeah, for sure. And then do you guys think that we’re going to like, maintain this hybrid option or do you think that there’s going to be an incident where we have to go back to remote learning? What do your guys’ thoughts about that?


Amy Hannapel 2:08

Honestly, I feel like we’re like going to go back now but I wouldn’t be surprised if we go back home in February or March.


Maggie Owen 2:17

Yeah same, I think it just depends on the state of the world and if anyone like if any case does show up in the school.


Amy Hannapel 2:25

Yeah, I feel like the area might peek a little bit because I know our district is going back. So like that might not be a good thing.


Olivia Gaziano 2:39

Yeah, for sure. What is one thing that you are missing out on when you do online school that you feel will be available when you go back to school?


Maggie Owen 2:53

Well, I’ll say I am missing out on doing sports and don’t think you know going back I don’t think it’s going to happen so at least for a little while, but hopefully soon. Going back to schools to step closer to it.


Amy Hannapel 3:07

I just like stuff that I missed like we didn’t get to have Homecoming this year, or like we didn’t get football games which was, kind of sad but, I mean, I hope as we get it next year like it might be different but I hope we still get it next year.


Olivia Gaziano 3:26

For sure, Caleb, did you have anything else that you want to ask?


Caleb Birch 3:30

I was wondering how you felt about the different alphabetical orders only coming back like A through G on a certain day and L through K on a certain day. How do you feel about that?


Maggie Owen 3:51

Oh yeah, I was gonna say I think it’s smart it’ll help with the like social distancing and stuff like that like limit the number of people in the building, I think it’s good.


Amy Hannapel 4:00

Yeah, I feel like it’s good that it’s different days because we’re not all crammed in one room I don’t know really how lunch is gonna work. It sounds like a problem but I don’t know, I also feel like the A through G is the group that might have more kids in it, but I don’t know.


Olivia Gaziano 4:21

Yeah, I think it’ll be a learning process for all of us as we’re going back. But thank you guys so much for joining. We appreciate it and we hope that you guys have a rest of your grip, great rest of your day. Bye guys. Thank You.


Megan Drake 4:40

So now opening it up to people who are staying remote. What do you think the challenges are or like what’s the greatest challenge of staying remote?


Brennan Lockwood 5:05

Well, it sucks not having like human, you know connection with someone. And it feels like the work, piles on you a lot more when you’re at home because you’re not going anywhere. So I said that’s like a struggle like you just feel like you have a lot of a lot in a lot of work.


Grace Nordahl 5:27

For me, I would say like kind of a struggle with being at home is just that it’s kind of hard not to have like that regular human-like connection and contact we had pre-COVID-19. And, you know, one of the things I think that impacted my decision to stay remote is that I just kind of know that it’s not going to be the same as it used to be obviously with social distancing, and the limited amount of people which is important. Speaking as a senior, I had this moment where I realized that I just didn’t feel like going back because it’s going to be so different than regular high school.


Megan Drake 6:24

I think it’s understandable. Going back this year is going to be different for everyone. I think it’s completely understandable, Well, if you want to stay home.


Pravalika Balajivaishnavi 6:40

Okay then to all students who are going to do remote, your parents decide for you guys to stay remote? Or, did you decide for yourself?


Brennan Lockwood 6:50

I’m Brendan Lockwood, I’m a junior, and I had to make for myself. They played a big role in influencing me by giving me tips like “Oh, well if you do go hybrid. you’re risking yourself.” y parents give me tips and advice. If I did go hybrid, there would be certain things that I would be exposing myself to. And it was more of a personal choice for me to stay remote because I like to see my parents and my grandparents on the weekends, and going out and exposing myself like that, I could end up getting them sick and I don’t want to do that.


Grace Nordahl 8:09

My name is Grace Nordahl I’m a senior and I made [the decision] by myself as well. To be honest, this year has been easy for me and it’s kind of nice that I get some extra free time. I made the decision based on my own opinions and what I wanted to do.

Madelyn Losurdo 8:37

I’m Madelyn Losurdo, and I’m a junior. Overall, I decided to stay remote my family was a big impact because I thought about them while choosing to either go hybrid or remote. Overall, you know it’s my education. I thought it’s really important to choose what I think all the best benefit from and I thought that remote was a good decision for my safety right now.


Aidan Spenner 9:09

So, what have your teachers told you about how they’re going to include these students on Zoom while being remote?


Brennan Lockwood 9:20

My teachers have just said that they’re going to have like a screen of just people like they’re online and then like the kids in the class. But then like all my teachers are saying they feel kind of awkward with just five students in the class, but it’s better than having no students at all. They haven’t talked as much as how us that’s going to be online, per se is going to do. I’m assuming the same things as the kids that are in hybrid.


Grace Nordahl 9:59

Yeah, so far I think I’ve only heard a plan on how to be able to teach to both the kids remote and in-person from only one of my teachers. I know that they were saying that they have a  plan to teach the lesson or the work on their screen and project the screen at the front of the classroom so that the people who are in person can see it, while also the remote people get to see on the computer. I thought that was kind of an interesting dynamic that they were going to do.


Madelyn Losurdo 10:33

Not many of my teachers have gone over what exactly everything will look like now that there are going to be kids, physically in the building and then kids online. I know one of my teachers talk about how it’s going to be a learning process trying to figure out how to teach and help kids who are doing remote learning. Also, being able to help the students who are actually in the classroom so I think it’ll be interesting to see how everything works out.


Pravalika Balajivaishnavi 11:09

Thank you to all those who have joined us for this podcast today. Even though COVID-19 has made it difficult for students to go back to a normal school environment. We still hope to make the best of the situation. Hopefully, we can all be back in school safely.