Opinion: People expect too much out of Valentine's Day



As the end of February approaches and the last of the Valentine’s Day candy is being pulled off the shelves by lonely girls and avid candy enthusiasts, both couples and single pringles find themselves reflecting on the past holiday. For years, Valentine’s Day has been an excuse for girls to consume large amounts of chocolate guilt free and for couples to shower each other in questionably unnecessary gifts. “Valentine’s Day is a little bit overrated because couples are doing things for each other that they should be doing on days other than Valentine’s Day,” junior MyKayla Wilson said.

Aside from candy, the holiday is usually filled with balloons and over-sized teddy bears. Flowers, specifically red roses, have become a symbol of the day of love, even though material items miss the mark on what Valentines Day should be. “Girls have always seemed to take Valentines Day more seriously, but it shouldn’t be all about gifts. It can still be special if you put your heart into it,” senior Max Hashimi said.
Those who are single seem to dread the whole month of February from seeing posts about flowers and candy on social media sites like Twitter. “The pressure of having a cute valentines day is so high. Girls definitely expect more on valentines day because of social media expectations. It’s like a competition to see who can get the cutest stuff,” said senior Marcella Cerra.

As for the massive amounts of candy stocked on grocery store shelves months before the big day, the quantities of candy and chocolate seem to be getting larger. “A lot of companies think valentines day should be overdone so everyone else sees the holiday that way. Companies take advantage of it and bring in unnecessary amounts of candy,” Hashimi added.

By Alexis McDaniel

Picture courtesy of Giphy.com