Weekly Sports Update 2/15-2/22

Tyler Perry, Max Berglind, and Grace Davidson

Girls’ Bowling (Tyler Perry)

The girls’ bowling team started off the week against Neuqua Valley on Tuesday. Juniors Elizabeth Mansmith and Jasmine Allen add on to their series as they hit 580 and 531 during the matchup respectively. Junior Sydney Lewis stole the show extending her series to a personal best of 694. The Mustangs played in one more match last week against the Huskies. Metea beat North by a score of 2754-2423 as senior Aliya Bennet threw a personal best 242. Their next matchup will be against Geneva today at 4 p.m.

Girls’ Basketball (Grace Davidson)

The girls’ varsity basketball team avoided the issues with COVID-19 that the lower levels had to face. Varsity was able to play in their scheduled games, and they faced off against Neuqua and North. The Mustangs lost to the Wildcats 73-40. Their next game will be tomorrow at Central.

Boys’ Swimming (Grace Davidson)

The boys’ swim team traveled to Neuqua as they played their only match last week. The Mustangs fought hard but lost to the Wildcats to a score of 98-71. Their next game will be against the Huskies on Wednesday at 4:30 p.m.

Girls’ Gymnastics (Grace Davidson)

The girls’ gymnastics team came together and had their first match of the season. They participated at Neuqua where they came in second place. Their next match will be in Dekalb on Thursday at 6 p.m.

Dance (Grace Davidson)

The dance team started off their week with a stellar win. Their matchup was a vital piece to the season as it dictated their chance to get into state. The DVC match went well for the Mustangs as they captured a spot in state. Their next match will be the sectionals on Saturday at 3:40 p.m.

Cheerleading (Tyler Perry)

The cheer team had two matches over the week. Their first match was in the DVC tournament while their second was at Buffalo Grove. The team is continuing to adapt to the virtual matchups, and they will meet once again to go up against Huntley.