Letter to the Editor: Feminism is Necessary


The following letter is in response to, Double Standards Within Society Prevent Success of Turnabout by Drew Danko

Dear Editor,


Turn- a- bout.


The name strikes fear into many girls hearts. Asking out someone that you like isn’t something we usually do, how could our fragile systems handle such a stressful encounter?

As a girl, I can vouch for my brittle-ness. For homecoming, we have it easy. All we have to do is to buy our dress, our shoes, our hairdos, do our makeup, and worry about finding a tie for your sorry butt while you struggle to make a $.50 poster for us and pay for a bland Chicken Alfredo at Olive Garden. And instagram. Posing for a photo with a girl you’re going to make out with later is so tiring. So make that smile wide, boy. Man up.

The burden on boys is incredible. The weight on your shoulders must be what made you so jacked.

Girls are pressured into a pretty blonde mold from the time we can see. Babies on diaper boxes are thin, blue-eyed, and blonde. Babies. Not even full children. Literal infants are portrayed as more beautiful than one another. Chik-fil- A has a play-place decorated as a beauty salon, I imagine boys don’t usually play in it. But, don’t worry, there’s a car! To keep your fragile, infantile, masculinity up to par. Sorry if you we’re offended by the large amount of pink.

As we grow up, boys enjoy playing as the boss or as policemen, or as some other heroic authority figure. We get to be moms and princesses. Pretty, but subject to the whims of anyone with a Y chromosome. The stress put on girls by society to be perfect raises their chances of getting an anxiety or mood disorder in pre-adolescence by 14% to 20%. Boys enjoy hitting each other on a field and get millions of dollars to do it on live TV. Brilliant. The moment a girl hits someone she is viewed as trashy. As a glitch in the system.

And yet, people say that feminism is unnecessary, that society is already equal. People still refuse to believe that women are funny. They refuse to allow women to be strong. They refuse to pay them the same amount for the same work. They refuse to allow them to be full human beings.

And then they whine about girls not asking them to a dance. I’m looking at you, Drew Danko.

So boys, if you want to enjoy Turnabout, respectfully: don’t go. We don’t want you there anyways.


Emilija Morkunaite