Farewell Friday: Addison Gamster


Ashley Xie with photo courtesy of Addison Gamster

Addison Gamster is a senior who plans to attend the University of Arizona.

Michelle Serna

What are your plans for after high school? 

After high school, I am planning on attending the University of Arizona to pursue an education in psychiatric nursing. 


What are you looking forward to in college? 

I am really looking forward to all the freedom with traveling and memories I’ll make with new people. Plus the warm weather and location in Arizona. 


What are you going to miss about Metea?

Definitely the sports teams I was on and my high school friends that I’ve made throughout the years. 


What is one memory you have from Metea? 

In my junior year, someone lit one of the bathrooms on fire while my entire grade took a science test, and we ended up evacuating and standing out in the cold. 


What advice do you have for underclassmen? 

Try to get involved. Metea has a ton of sports and clubs. You’ll get to meet people with the same interests as you are a part of school activities. I met my best friends through sports at Metea. I really feel like I got the high school experience while being on my team.