Abby Terada starts her third year on varsity golf with a refined outlook on her ambitions


Abby Terada

Abby has improved her mental state this season and is now on the course to meet her golfing aspirations.

Grace Cronin, Sports Reporter

The girls’ golf team has started their season strong with a victory at their first match against Wheaton North 168 to 183. They are putting out some of their best scores including junior Abby Terada with a score of 40 in the first match, who has been playing on the girls team for three years. The team is hoping to make it to sectionals this year.

“The team is doing very well,” Terada said. “We have been putting up the best numbers I have seen since I have been here.”

Terada started golfing at a young age after being surrounded by it from her family. Her grandpa was the one who inspired her to begin golf, and start playing competitively in high school.

“My late ojiichan (grandpa) was an avid golfer and pushed my dad and uncle to do it,” Terada said. “He used to bring me out to play with him and that is what brought me into the sport itself.” 

The game of golf is much harder than it seems with many different aspects of mental and physical challenges. Many hours of physical demands need to be put in to see improvement, however, the mental game is the biggest challenge for Abby.

“Like all sports, it has its fair share of physical taxes but by far the mental aspect of it is the most difficult,” Terada said. “In golf you are ultimately by yourself. You do not have a team out on the course to help you with your swing. So it falls on you to pick yourself up and keep going no matter what happens.” 

Golf is a demanding individual game, however, the team helps pick each other up and have fun. They are always lifting each other up during hard times and cheering for one another. The challenging game of golf gives back to the girls as a welcoming and enjoyable community.

“We are always there cheering each other on when we come in,” Terada said. “No matter how bad one person did, everyone comes together afterwards to lift them up.” 

For Terada’s future in golf, she sees doing it in college as a possibility. As well as seeing improvement in scores by continuing to succeed in her goals. The girls’ team will continue their season with the Aurora city meet today.