Metea families gather together to celebrate this year’s fall football season


Caleb Birch

Students cheering for our varsity football players.

Christina Guckel

Since District 204 announced the return of football season, students have felt that it is a great start to a normal school year. Gladly, all Metea families are allowed and encouraged to attend this year’s season due to the district’s handling of COVID-19.

“I am excited for the football season to start again. Being a junior, we only experienced one season of it so far,” junior Aidan Gilbert said.

Due to the lockdown and hybrid year, Metea students feel like they have missed out on many events that high school has to offer. One greatly missed is the fall football season, which is why so many students are attending and creating an exciting atmosphere for the varsity football players moving forward.

“The white-out theme was amazing,” junior Sebastien Duchatellier said. “Seeing everyone participate was awesome.”

Many students also participated in the tailgate, which is rumored to have a food truck next time around.

“I think the food truck would bring in lots of students,” Duchatellier said.

With all these students at the tailgate and football game, many people of high risk are still concerned about contracting COVID-19. Many people are recommending wearing a mask, however, it is optional. It is further advised to be respectful to those around you and to join these outdoor group events at your own risk.

“I was curious of how it would all play out,” Junior Samuel Urbon said. “However, I never had a point while I was at the game or tailgate where I felt unsafe or exposed.”

For the rest of the season, it is highly encouraged to attend and cheer on Metea’s varsity players while following the school theme of gold out for our next game on Sept. 3. See you there!