Athletes look forward to a season of normalcy


Sydney Burleyson

Students look forward to returning to school sports after a year of COVID-19 pandemic.

Sydney Burleyson

The pandemic took  a huge hit on dedicated athletes training for the upcoming sports seasons. With march 2020 shutdowns, many athletes found themselves with no access to their usual training facilities, taking a toll on their preparations. Despite the setbacks, athletes look forward to a regular season of playing and training. 

A volleyball player shares how she is looking forward to the new season after COVID-19 serving her season short. 

“I was pretty upset, COVID-19 started a few weeks before when my season was about to end, ” Said Chirita.  As everyone was also told, we were told it would not really be too bad, which was obviously not true, but as covid started to get worse around the beginning of March, I started to realize how serious it really was and a lot of things changed and obviously lockdown happened, ending our season early.” 

Despite the unfamiliar circumstances athletes were faced with, some continued to train for their sport and look forward to competing with their team in the upcoming season.

Yes, I am ready for this upcoming season! Over the past year, I have been working with the girls Varsity Swim Coach,” Said Sophomore Allie Leslie. “I believe it has helped me become more confident and prepared for this upcoming swim season. I can not wait to see what the team and I accomplish!” 

Despite the delays to athletics due to COVID-19, sports have made a regular comeback for the current season. With the fall sports season kicking off The Illinois Department Of Health has come out with a guideline regarding Sport Safety Guidance.