Metea football wins first home game after five year drought


Madison Nottestad

The Mustangs gather at Metea’s stadium for a game against the Bellville East Lancers.

Grace Cronin

The Metea Mustangs secured their first win of the season against the Belleville East Lancers 15-14 last Friday. The game was very special for the boys as it marked the first home game win in five years. They defeated Wheaton North in 2016 marking their last win at home, and 2019 was their last winning game. The win is a promising beginning for the rest of the season.

“One of the toughest things that you can do is, you get so close to the top of the hill, and when things do not go your way you start to doubt yourself,” head coach John Parpet said. “These kids just continued to fight against the good teams, and they came out on top. I am just so proud of them.”

Friday night’s game started with the Mustangs taking their first possession at the 15-yard line. They continued with a 45-yard pass play by senior quarterback Logan Frederick to senior wide receiver Jalen Johnson. The boys, however, were not able to put any points on the scoreboard in the first half and trailed the Lancers 7-0. 

“If we could come out fast, come out strong, not wait till the fourth quarter to score the points we could win some more games,” Johnson said.

Halftime brought the Mustangs new energy as they began the third quarter with a 34-yard pass play from Frederick to senior wide receiver John Flynn. This play was followed by a successful field goal by senior middle linebacker Vince Wronski putting the Mustangs on the board 7-3. The Mustangs could not keep up with the Lancers with a fumble on the play with less than five minutes to go in the third quarter. The Lancers were able to score again putting us 14-3. 

“Upfront we need to work on our blocking, and that is about it,” junior left tackle Ramon Arteaga said. “I mean we have the guys to make plays. Jalen had two great touchdowns, if we can just give Logan more time in the backfield that can help us win more football games.”

The Mustangs offense would take us home in the fourth quarter starting with Frederick completing a 38-yard pass to Flynn and then Johnson rushing it into the endzone putting us 14-9. Johnson and Frederick would keep up the good work in the fourth quarter. Johnson’s 58-yard touchdown run put the Mustangs ahead 15-14 with five minutes left in the game. The Lancers could not keep up with the Mustangs energy, ending the game with a win for the Mustangs.

“We played great defense, we held them down to 14 points,” Johnson said. “That is our goal week in and out. Holding them under that and if our offense can execute it feels good.” 

The football season will continue with an upcoming game against DeKalb this Friday.